Sample Designs by Michael Davis.  

2001-2012 Michael G. Davis and Headstuf Product Development

Sample body of work, 1998-2011 Michael Davis Industrial Designer

NewVisor14scene8.jpg (1177066 bytes) NewVisor14scene10.jpg (114433 bytes)

Splash protection shield for dental applications.  
Client, opdop, Sacramento, CA, 2002.

 Link: European Patent


Martinez & Turek project for Rhodes Housing Development;  
Also developed fuel tank mounts, hydraulic swivel design,
accumulator tank mount system for hydraulics.

House Moving Machine, Cab interior, steering and 
control panel development. 1997-1998.

Willick Engineering, Santa Fe Springs, for Valley Metals, 
X-Ray machine design for tubing QA.  Design Engineering 
of more than 300 parts, 50 assemblies, mechanical design 
development, rack and pinion actuator 34 feet in length, 
rodless pneumatic actuation of 14 foot steel cover.
  Motion Lighting, Heath-Zenith for Home Depot, Lowes, 
Ace Hardware  1998-99.

Currently Sold in Lowes (motion detector), Home Depot (base).

motion2.jpg (92512 bytes)   Currently sold in Lowes.
  Door chimes , Heath-Zenith for Home Depot, Lowes, 
Ace Hardware  1998-99.

Currently Sold in Ace Hardware, Home Depot.

Morgan Dry Van 2b top open lift down.jpg (177671 bytes) Advanced Truck Body Design Program, Morgan Body 
advanced concepts 2000.
OPTIVUS6V04.jpg (291748 bytes) OPTIVUS7top.jpg (177267 bytes) Proton Treatment Control Room, Optivus Corporation.  
Proton Treatment Facility Loma Linda Hospital, 2004.

Designer Working Method, Promotional 
Engineering Design, Industrial Design, 
Product Development method of Michael Davis

A few CONSUMER projects by Michael Davis
Engineering Design, Industrial Design, 
Product Development.
A few projects by Michael Davis, 
Engineering Design, Industrial Design, 
Product Development.

Demonstration Concepts, Teaching Concepts, Michael Davis Industrial Designer, 2000-2004

  helmettop.jpg (316821 bytes) CONCEPT, Complex organic shape and use of SolidWorks 
as an  industrial  design tool for a bike helmet speculative 
project and  demonstration for SolidWorks World, 2002.

 1.  Extended case study article, this site click here 
 2.  SolidWorks website case study article click here 

  CONCEPT Cell phone-PDA originally conceived as a display 
operated button free PDA, but in today's climate would be 
considered a button-free smart phone.  2003 (the idea was 
published on in a public paper presented at the 
SolidWorks World Conference, 4 years and 4 months before  
the iPhone came on the market).

link to animation (Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to view.)
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SHOW8.jpg (180720 bytes) SHOW1.jpg (515863 bytes) Personal computer speculative project and demonstration 
for SolidWorks World 2004  
3DGLASSES3.jpg (117773 bytes) 3DGLASSES2.jpg (154744 bytes) Demonstration 3d disposable eyewear concepts or 
SolidWorks World 2004  

Archive Projects Michael Davis Industrial Designer, 1977-1995

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 2001-2012 Michael G. Davis and Headstuf Product Development