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In today's world, the industrial design community has not yet transferred the skills of industrial design to the engineering education community, while at the same time the engineering schools have not successfully integrated industrial design into the engineering education process.  The net effect of this is the separation of industrial design and engineering at birth, forcing a system of product development that has limited the quality of design applied to product design across the world.

My vision is a world where every engineer is an industrial designer and every industrial designer is an engineer, both practicing and working together to spin their craft as a unified process of product design.  

Over the years I have written a number of articles and made a few presentations on the topic.  SolidWorks software was written around the idea of integrating industrial design and engineering in one tool.  

Now, this page is a new focus on the idea.  And I will be adding to it over time to continue the mantra and I will be focusing on letting go of some of my 32 years of design and engineering experience free to the user here.


Michael Davis

Embracing Disruptive Technology:
Wisdom from a Paradigm Shifter

It was
more than 100 years ago that the Wright Brothers developed the Wright Flyer that not only changed history forever, but the event defined the design process for the next 100 years.  NOW there is a new breeze on the horizon:  Read about disruptive technology changing the way products are designed.

M. George Davis, 2003

Integrated Industrial Design Technique

M. George Davis, 2001

The Fundamental Shift in the Product Design Paradigm.

An Article by Michael Davis

M. George Davis, 2000

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In Sight of the Design Process

The original article by
Michael Davis
Industrial Designer

M. George Davis, 1996


SolidWorks World Conference presentation summaries

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Original Presentation 
From the 2000 SolidWorks 
Conference in New Orleans  
full PowerPoint show.  
ID Workshops for Engineers and Designers on 
implementing SolidWorks as a primary Industrial Design tool.  

As assembled for the 
2001 SolidWorks World 
Conference in Orlando, Florida.  
This presentation is a revamped and 
revised presentation from the original 
2000 conference presentation.
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